Do you pay your own travel expenses to get to work? If so, you can apply for a travel allowance from the Tax and Customs Administration by means of a public transport declaration known as an OV-verklaring.

Free travel annual subscription

We are obliged to pass on the details of travellers with free travel subscriptions to the Tax and Customs Administration. For this purpose, your name and address details will be requested when applying for such a subscription. That is why if you have an annual subscription, you do not need to apply for a public transport certificate.
Please note that the detials of monthly subscription and discount card holders will not be passed on to the Tax and Customs Administration.

No free travel annual subscription?

Do you travel with:
  • seperate tickets
  • an OV-chipkaart with monthly subscription or discount
  • an OV-chipkaart without subscription
Then you can apply to your employer for an OV-verklaring. With this travel declaration and the tickets, you can prove to the Tax and Customs Administration that you have travelled by public transport. You can show the payment details of your OV-chipkaart or an overview of the trips made with your OV-chipkaart. You can request your travel history via OV-chipkaart.nl.

OV-verklaring for students

Students with the student travel product can apply for an OV-verklaring with DUO.