Kids Group Ticket

A bus ticket for after-school care and primary schools

You get:

Heel Nederland
An entire day, on working days after 09.00 hrs
Unlimited travel for max. 3 adults en max. 15 kids on all regular Connexxion and Breng buses

€ 25.00

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Valid where?

Kids Group tickets are valid on almost all bus lines of Connexxion and Breng.

The Kids Group ticket is no longer valid for Hermes in Zuidoost Brabant. It is also not valid on the ferry services, the Valleilijn train, Niteliners or night buses, line taxis, local buses and services of other carriers. The Kids Group ticket is also not valid on Texel.

Valid when?

Group tickets are valid from Monday to Friday from 09.00 hrs. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays all day long. Kids group tickets are undated. If you are going on a trip, write the date of the trip clearly on the ticket. You can then travel the entire day.


A Kids Group ticket costs € 25.00 and is valid for a group of up to 15 children and 3 supervisors.

Does the group consist of more than 15 children? Then buy 2 Kids Group tickets. Valid for 30 primary school/BSO children and 6 supervisors.

Terms and conditions

  • The Kids Group ticket is not intended for private individuals, but only for schools/BSOs.
  • The condition is that the entire group travels together: so get on and off at the same bus stop.
  • The driver decides whether a group can be transported (regarding saftey conditions)
  • On some lines there are smaller buses and it is not possible to travel with a large group. This applies to Breng buses line 3 Oosterhout-Afrika Museum, line 11 Arnhem Het Duifje – Arnhem Zuid Station, line 35 Zetten-Bemmel, and on Saturday and Sunday line 12 Arnhem CS- Arnhem IJsseloord.
  • Unused tickets are non-refundable.


Buy this ticket in advance as an E-ticket. You will immediately receive your ordered tickets in the specified inbox. There are no administration costs in the e-ticket shop.


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