The OV-fiets – a bike sharing service – is an easy way to travel the last part of your journey. You can find an OV-fiets at several NS stations throughout the country.
You can rent an OV-fiets quickly and easily at more than 300 locations throughout the country. You will find them at stations, bus and subway stops and P+R locations.

How does it work?

To be able to use the OV-fiets, you need to have a personal OV-chipkaart. On this card, you can put the NS OV-fiets subscription. With your OV-chipkaart you can rent a maximum of two OV-fietsen.

Afterwards. you can return your bike to an OV-fiets location. Do you want to hand your bicycle in at another OV-fiets point than where you got it? Then you must pay a surcharge.

You will receive an invoice for the costs at the end of the month.

Where are OV-fietsen located?

In Noord-Holland Noord, there are OV-fietsen at almost all NS stations.

Find an OV-fiets

More information

Do you want more information about the prices and how it works, or do you want to put the OV-fiets subscription directly on your OV-chipkaart? Go to the website of NS.


Bike sharing (deelfiets)

Rent a shared bike from one of our providers for the last part of your trip.

Regular bus

Bus line with a fixed timetable and a fixed route.

Local bus (buurtbus)

A smaller bus for 8 people with a fixed route and timetable.