About Overal

Overal is the mobility platform in Noord-Holland Noord. Connexxion offer its products and services on this platform. 

Samen komen we Overal

In addition to Connexxion's familiar bus routes, the Noord-Holland Noord region has a variety of local initiatives such as the local buses (buurtbussen) and the Hugo Hopper. Travellers are not always aware of all the different modes of transportation.

That is why we introduced Overal: the mobility platform for travel in Noord-Holland Noord. Connexxion is the driving force behind this platform and wants to ensure that ultimately all forms of transport (read: mobility) within Noord-Holland Noord are offered via this platform. In the coming years, we will actively be seeking cooperation with other transport operators and mobility providers.

Our aim is to make travellers aquainted with the region's complete transport offer and to ensure that travel becomes accessible and appealing.

Connexxion's offer

Connexxion offers a flexible public transport system In the Noord-Holland Noord region. It consists of Overalflex and Overal Taxi, in addition to the familiar fixed bus lines that often connect the larger centres. Overalflex operates on the basis of mini buses that only run when passengers reserve them. When there are no fixed buses nor Overalflex services, the traveller can opt for Overal Taxi. This taxi service runs from door-to-door for the regular taxi rates minus 10%.

Meet Transdev

Mobility company Transdev operates throughout the country under various brand names such as Connexxion, Hermes and Witte Kruis.


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